CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the many different chemical substances present in cannabis. You have probably heard of CBD. Your friends might have told you stories of how they found it and thereby, dealt with various health conditions. Maybe this is why you are here – as a result of being intrigued by CBD and products containing the substance.

It is a good thing, then, that we have a decent collection of articles on cannabidiol for your knowledge. Note that we intend to expand our article collection over time.

Whatever we publish here has to do with cannabidiol only. Many websites list out the best CBD products, and that takes the liberty of naming brands in their posts. However, this website is different in that we promote no CBD products or brands or companies here. This is a site with purely informational content.

Read up on the health benefits of this wonder substance, what to take into account when purchasing it, how to determine the right dosage of it, etc.

For a novice, the lingo of cannabidiol can be a tad confusing. So if you have doubts regarding anything published here, do raise your query either in the comments section or write to us.