Full-spectrum CBD oil Vs. CBD Isolate- What Works For Me?

cbd isolate and cbd spectrum

CBD has turned into an overnight sensation. That may be a stretch, but there’s no doubt that it has caught everyone‘s attention! Patients rained by illnesses have received shelter from this organic cannabis extracted oil. Its flexibility in being used as a gummy bear or as oil has garnered ardent followers all over. But one mistake that users of CBD generally make is, they don’t take CBD the way it’s meant to be taken. This causes the effect to be diminished and the ailment to persist. You might have come across the two terms, namely “CBD isolate” and “full-spectrum”. But what sets them apart? What should I go for? We’ll help you decide!

Cannabidiol: The Miracle Drug

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the numerous active ingredients present on extraction. Its sources can either be marijuana or the hemp seed plant. CBD is a non-psychoactive substance and doesn’t re-create the feelings of delusion and intoxication that consuming marijuana is commonly associated with. That feeling is due to THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is non-existent in CBD oil!

CBD oilbenefits has been revered and include supressing a host of ailments; Ranging from chronic pain from arthritis, osteoporosis to help as a supplement in cancer treatment. People having insomnia to more serious psychological issues such as PTSD and OCD have also been able breathe a sigh of relief, all thanks to CBD.

The Overview: CBD Isolate And Full Spectrum CBD

CBD Isolate

This is the CBD present in its pure, isolated form. There are no other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids; Just CBD. CBD is not obtained in this “clean” form when extracted from hemp. When extraction takes place, all the cannabinoids and terpenes come out as well. Extra steps are then taken to isolate the pure CBD from the rest. This is not a simple process.

CBD isolate is available in many forms, with dabbing being the most common. For those who don’t know, dab is a waxy like substance that is placed atop a nail of the oil rig/ “bong”. The heated nail causes this “dab” to fume, and the smoke is then inhaled for effect. CBD dabs also come in the form of crystals and powders as well. Dabs cannot be used for vaping!

But dabbing creates smoke that can be quite harsh on your throat and lungs. This is why people go for vaping, or other forms of CBD consumption.

Full-Spectrum CBD

This is the full package! That means unlike CBD isolate, Full-spectrum CBD consist of all the range of cannabinoids. Yes, I’m talking THC, terpenes, flavonoid and so on! When extracted from hemp, the entire extract is turned into a consumable product. CBD benefits are quick to show in this form.

Now, many of you would shudder on hearing that THC is present. Well, you have every reason to, especially if you live in a place where marijuana is illegal or that you don’t like THC to be a part of your “CBD diet”. If getting high is your worry, then you can toss it aside. Hemp generally contains less than 0.4% THC, and the extract would definitely contain less. These amounts are not sufficient to get anybody high!

Plus there exists an “entourage effect”, the effect of various cannabinoids working in tandem to elevate each other, which is unique to full-spectrum CBD.

The public seem to be divided over which form is more beneficial. But in light of recent research held in Jerusalem, a controlled group came to the conclusion that they experienced better results on using full-spectrum CBD than the isolate.

The Lesser Known Broad-Spectrum CBD

This is exactly like Full-spectrum CBD minus the THC. So this is a safe bet, if you’re drug tested at work often and would want to keep a safe distance from THC.

Full Spectrum CBD CBD Isolate
entourage effect boost effectiveness Lacks the entourage effect
Contains THC which could lead to a false positive on drug test Absence of THC gives no possibility of flagging on drug tests
Has a strong odour and taste that some may not find pleasant It’s odourless and tasteless, meaning you can use it in your everyday cooking.
Not apt if strict THC laws exist in your state. If CBD use is legal, then you’re in the clear.

CBD Isolate or CBD Full-spectrum?

CBD isolate is the most purest and most potent from of CBD, undoubtedly. There is no risk of psychoactive effects. The isolate contains more than 90% cannabidiol. There is minimal risk of a false positive showing on your drug tests. CBD can also be infused with every day cooking ingredients like butter or chocolates, kudos to its tasteless and odourless attribute. One glaring drawback is the absence of the “entourage effect”.

Full-spectrum CBD is a more powerful and effective form of CBD, thanks to the entourage effect. Since the end product is processed less it is technically more authentic. There could be a possibility of flagging a false positive on a drug test due to the THC. There also lies the problem of strong taste and odour because of terpenes and flavonoids that you may find unpleasant.