Is CBD Oil Worth The Hype?

CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits

You may have been hearing about CBD where ever you go, to-the kiosk on the way to the mall, the post of celebrities promoting CBD on your social media feeds or Google suggesting CBD retail stores as places of interest. It seems like we live with CBD all around us. But it beckons the question- is it just a hype train that everyone is clambering onto? Is CBD highly overrated? We are here to dispel all of those queries, and why there are studies that say it is even better than the hype. Read on.

Foot Stomp Anxiety And Stress

Of the several CBD health benefits, one of the highly sought after would have to be this one. The full spectrum hemp extract has plenty to offer in terms of regulating the stress hormones and reducing the stress response of the body. This in turn gives the user an iron hand grip over anxiety.

A study in 2010 from the Journal of Psychopharmacology has concluded that intaking a sublingual CBD dose of 400mg vastly reduces the symptoms that point to social anxiety disorder. The study in 2011, found the students who had ingested 600mg of CBD oil an hour before a stress-inducing exercise like public speaking were far better off and more relaxed than those who did not take CBD. There was reduction in the anxiety levels and reduced discomfort in speech in a public setting.

Control The Pain With CBD

There are plenty of studies that prove of the pain relieving properties of CBD. A study from 2015, tried CBD topical on white mice- within 4 days, there was considerable reduction in the inflammation; that too without side effects.

Helps You Slip Into Sleep Better

Do you feel yourself restlessly turning in bed, attempting to fall asleep but in vain? Well, CBD is here to give you a helping hand by gently laying you into a deep slumber. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) in a 2017 report spoke of the promise of Cannabidiol (CBD) to be used to treat multiple medical conditions.

Get Off When You Want

CBD is not addictive, meaning you can jump off it when you feel you needn’t take CBD anymore. Further CBD is only therapeutic in nature and not psychoactive nor psychotropic in any sense of the word; meaning you will not get intoxicated or high.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to CBD uses and what one can possibly do with it. Now, you can decide if CBD stands up to the hype.